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The moon is full today, it grew and reached its bursting point in the middle of this afternoon.

The sky is grey today, soft and full of rain.

At the fullest moment of the moon I walked the path to Faery land… up the hill and down the hill, past yew and crops and daisies seeking sun in vain… I walk and weave and sing and tread carefully down paths muddy with welsh weather… until I cross the two streams before the Faery tree.

Over the style and I turn to my left, and the Tree, both living and dead, reaching up and down, struck by lightning but still standing, awaits me.

The sun and moon are in the sky, the air is warm but the wind is cool. It whips around the field, I see it moving branches, plants, clouds overhead, and yet it caresses my cheek so softly.

I approach the Faery tree, and in its side, the creviss, both dark and pale, I feel myself drawn through.

I weave through the branches, low and high, some living, some dead and, after leaving an offering, find myself sat at the base of the tree, where the trunk splits opening into the earth.

And I open, breathing deep. And the colours of the world shift. And I see a dark round door which i cannot help but open. And it opens onto stars! A narrow path winds, the only solid thing, through the starry sky.

I walk the path until I fall and fly and land upon the ground. I meet someone, who whispers words to me, words I must not share. And I know that I must court Nature like a lover, treat her well, treat her softly, earn her trust.

I return and thank the tree, full of delight and calm understanding.

And I walk home again.

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