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Ruby now lives in America. She was the first Dotee I made successfully. The previous two may make an appearance later, but they’re still shy. Ruby came into being for a red-themed Dotee swap on swap-bot, and as the weather was getting all shivery, I thought perhaps she’d have a nice warm cuddly coat…

And a hat and scarf in a lovely fluffy green to remind her of home. I actually crocheted the hat freehand! Its made of the softest yarn I’ve ever found, and Ruby herself is made from a red flannel (which I bought especially once I realised what her story was, and that she should really have a nice wooly coat of her own).

Here she is all snuggled up cutely to her hat. She does love it so!

I took a picture as I waved her goodbye. She was off to find a nice warm bubble envelope to curl up in while she travelled to her new home! I was sad to see her go, but pleased she would be meeting lovely new people and bringing smiles around the world. I still smile when I think of her.

Here is the portrait I sent with her:

Sadly, I’m having trouble finding her story… I’ll add that when I discover where it got scanned to! Suffice to say, Ruby wasn’t always woolly… but she did get cold, and she was bright enough to realise that sheep had woolly coats that kept them warm…