Make your Own Oracle


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Healing Hearts will be the second oracle deck I’ve published, the third deck I’ve made for myself and the seventh oracle system I’ve created!

When I mention that I make oracles to people they often say “I’ve always wanted to make a deck of my own!” So this time I thought I could share the process I go through and give anyone who has been thinking about making one themselves a peak into how easy it can be! Complete with tips and instructions  for making your own and Interviews with people who have done so…

Read the full post and more here.

Healing Hearts Oracle!

I’ve just launched a fundraiser for my latest project! Please help if you can by contributing (and getting shinies!) and spreading the word! 

The short version:

Healing Hearts is a 50 card deck of deities including male, female and third/other gendered deities to heal the divine in all of us. (And to fundraise for kickstarting my Undercover Enchantress in Academia career!)


Click here for the campaign!

The longer story:

The Enchantress shares three moments:

Paint dripped down the page as I stepped back, to see a face of the divine peering back at me. It spoke.

Cards fell from fingers, faces of the feminine divine laid out before us as we heard their words spoken with reverence. I wondered where the masculine was.

The Green Goddess, the Horned God and the Sacred Earth spoke to us from their seats through our Priest and Priestesses. They called us to honour our hearts and the hearts of those around us.

Image and word in cards combine. The divine ones speak to us. In many forms they gift us with their guidance. Their stories light our way, bring healing to our hearts. Their many, many forms and faces reach out to us and stand before us as role models for our lives, as guides to the Sacred in our own Hearts, showing us where their powers reside in us and in the world.

And so a work of art in honour, in service to the gods and in service to the divine heart of each of us, is begun.

An Oracle deck – a work of art that is handled, spoken to, listened to – and a book of their stories and rituals together to bring the gods in their many forms, male, female, androgyne, into our lives. They come to show us that we too are sacred and that all the people of the world, regardless of sex or gender or race, are divine too.

Healing Hearts is an Oracle Deck which includes male, female and third-gendered deities from cultures all over the world, to allow us to meet the divine in its many faces and heal our relationship to the divine masculine, feminine and androgyne in our lives, within and without.

It is also a detailed book detailing the stories and history of each deity within the deck with rituals and devotionals to help you listen to their words directly, useful when paired with the deck but equally helpful on its own for those that prefer books to decks. In order to make this really awesome I’ve asked my friend Pawl to help with the research!

And finally it is part of A World Enchanted, the home of myself (Halo), and thus is supporting my pursuit of a PhD in philosophy of art and enchantment in order to bring the importance of magic into an academic, philosophical framework. Enchantment requires living as part of the natural world, not above it, and by welcoming the many forms of the divine into the world through art I am helping to open the possibility for more individuals to recognise their place within the circle.

Click here for the campaign!

Tiger on the Ocean

It isn’t quite as dramatic as Life of Pi, but we’re just drying off from our own water related drama. The road wasn’t flooded last night, but as we left the family behind we came to a corner with water up to my knees and the car just stopped. Shuddered to a halt. Water poured in under the glove-box and panic rose with it.

Adrenaline. That tiger that sharpens your senses.

Or drives you to flap your hands!

Eventually a friend talked us down and we began pushing the car like a boat across a lake.

Necessity. The tiger that means unpleasant things get done.

Boots full of very cold water!

Some very kind strangers helped tow us the rest of the way out of the water and gave us a lift back to Mother’s.

So now we’re sitting with the Tiger of dread as we try to find a way home…

Thankfully we’ve got people we can call. There is support around and the warmth of Xmas Good Will. We will survive. A lesson in surrender at this point. Counting our blessings and staying positive, something good will come of this no doubt!

And my feet are finally dry!

Temple of Tales


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I’ve been working on a new eCourse! A set of video-rituals working with the story of Persephone to help you claim your sovereignty…

This will be the first in a series of magical journeys through myth and fairytale which will each take the participants into the space of magic which lives within stories, the place of the gods, so that you can create the life you wish for.

Explore the Temple of Tales!

Explore the Temple of Tales!

What happens when magic and stories meet?

Have you ever heard the voice of a goddess, whispering in your ear to walk with her for a time? To share her story? To guide others through magic into their own tale?

We call this Persephone’s story, but really… is it Kore’s? Is it the tale of who the Goddess becomes, or who she was once, and always will be?

Kore was the daughter of the grain mother. A flower child she played. She was stolen away from her home and forced to face the greatest challenge we know; death. And on entering the underworld, Kore found pomegranate seeds. Bright red jewels. She hadn’t chosen to face the Lord of Death, or enter his home – few ever do – but she did choose to eat the seed of life that comes from death.

No-one else could have found life in the land of the dead as she did. No-one but a child a life could have claimed that crown. She became Persephone, Queen of the Dead, but she is always Kore, daughter of the grain, daughter of the seeds, just a little more grown up.


We live this in our lives. We make choices, face challenges, grow up. But we are still who we have always been, deep down. We still carry the seed we started from. Our genetics, our roots, our childhood dreams shape us and the roles we choose. Even if we choose in opposition to these beginnings…

The question is whether we choose roles for ourselves that allow us to grow, to flourish, to rule over our own lives. How often have we chosen the path of Sovereignity? The path of Queen (or King)?

What do you choose now?

Originally posted on A World Enchanted.

Elements of Magic!


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Elements of Magic – Class

Join me in a 10 week adventure in the realms of the magical elements!

(And help make my dream of becoming Dr. Halo come true!)

The elements are the foundation of the magic of many Western traditions and our relationship with them guides our path, our magic and our very lives. At every stage in our magical practice we can deepen our relationship with them, uncover new understanding and discover more about ourselves and the world. This course is offered in the Reclaiming tradition and will help you to build or strengthen these foundational relationships with the elements.

If you are just beginning on a magical path, this course will give you the fertile soil to grow a beautiful garden of magical understanding.

If you have been practising magic for many years, this adventure will help you to deepen your relationship and understanding and give you the chance to explore deeply the meaning and practice of working with the elements.

Whatever level you are at, this course is for you.

I will give you the skills and understanding to be able to follow most rituals you might find yourself in, and to perform your own with confidence. We will explore together the implications of what we do and why we do it, deepening our understanding of all the aspects of ritual and magical practice. You will finish this course with a stronger foundation, more confidence and the tools to go further in magic.

Over 10 weeks Elements of Magic will include:

  • Weekly tasks and writings on each of the elements and their tools
  • Meditations and guided journeys to take you deeper into relationship with the elements
  • A group space for online discussion, support and sharing
  • Email contact with myself to guide you on this adventure
  • Explorations of the theory of the elements
  • Practical exercises to ground you in the elements and your own power
  • The option of a Skype call to connect more personally as a group

When you have finished the course you will:

  • Have a strong foundation with each of the elements on which to build a deeper relationship to magic
  • Have learnt or deepened your ritual skills, and your understanding of their implications and applications
  • Have learnt and practiced the basics of crafting your own spells
  • Have deepened your magical practice
  • Have developed a clearer understanding of yourself
  • Have gained skills to help you improve your life in tangible ways

You will also have all the materials sent out to you to use as reference in the future and you will have helped me to fund my PhD in the philosophy of enchantment in art, for which I will be incredibly grateful! (And will happily send you a copy of my thesis when it is finished if you would like to read it.)

In the tradition of Reclaiming I am offering this training on a sliding scale, where you choose what you are able to pay at this time.  If you really cannot afford the lowest end of the scale, please contact me as soon as possible and we can discuss concessions.

Before April 1st: £50 – £100

After April 1st: £75 – £125

Course Starts: May 1st!!!

Email me now at Haloquin (at) gmail (dot) com !


Happy Imbolc lovelies! When the flowers peek through the cold and the land begins to wake up…

A snowday!

There are roses even in the snow!


Someone made a smiley face :)


Trying to make as little mark as possible in the beautiful white!


Look! A pond!


Isn’t the world gorgeous?




Spin! (Love spinning!)


What should I write?


What would you choose to remember of your day?


When did you last play?

Oracles and Completion


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Not so long ago a parcel arrived in the post. It was addressed to A World Enchanted. I was so excited! I spent months putting together a deck of Oracle cards and for almost a year I’ve been using one I printed myself… now I have a professionally printed deck and three to sell!

My Oracle Deck!

The Completed Deck!

I’m really proud of my work and the printed cards are beautiful. It works perfectly for uncovering what is in your heart and the heart of the world and the simple readings I did for others were very well received.

And somehow I’ve completely avoided posting about them here. I haven’t put the 3 decks I have for sale in my shop, I haven’t told you about them properly, I haven’t done anything with them beyond using them for myself.


Despite how it may appear, I struggle with being visible. I struggle with putting my work out there and allowing it to be seen. I struggle with completing projects and releasing them into the world. Artworks contain such a part of the artist’s spirit that an entire deck of my art makes me very visible and so, sharing them, I feel very vulnerable.

This New Year I am considering ‘Wholeness’ as my word for 2013. A word that includes the concept of completion and of being whole in myself. A word that speaks of safety, strength and holiness. Sacred Completion. A guiding light to help me overcome this block and share more beauty with you.

And today I am posting my Oracle Decks in my shop. There is more to do to complete this project than put the information up, however. I need to spread the word. I need to share this beauty, be seen, be known. So here I write and contemplate where to share with others what I have done!

Oracle Deck Set for sale

The FeyHearted Oracle and Guidebook!

Here is the page on A World Enchanted for the FeyHearted Oracle Deck for your enjoyment. If you feel called I would love for you to share this page with your friends and anyone you think might enjoy the deck!

May you find it easy to complete the things you wish to do and share your gifts with the world!

Map Making Step 7 – Daily Practice


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Making Space and Time – Prioritising Enchantment

Since making my commitment I have lit a candle every day to honour the Queen of Faery and my chosen path. I have prayed for guidance on my path as an enchantress and made my first deliberate thought the intention to bring beauty, healing and delight to those around me.

Every time I do, I feel better. I feel the kiss of magic.

This is my second lesson;

Make space and time for enchantment.

After opening the day with a prayer to enchantment, over the following hours I find myself wondering what the most enchanting way of behaving in a situation is, how I can best embody ‘Enchantress’ in any given situation.

Often this happens after I’ve noticed myself being less than enchanting! Or when I’ve made an attempt but it was ignored, misunderstood or not noticed. When I berate myself for failure I feel worse, but when I recommit to my goals and make delight a priority I feel better in myself even when I don’t succeed in delighting anyone else.

My Third lesson, then;

Aim for enchantment, forgive yourself if you do not hit the moon!

Map Making Step 6 – Devotee of Delight


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An Enchantress is… One who enchants;
One who brings beauty, healing and delight to those around her.

One who works magic of the Fae.
One who brings beauty to the world.
One who causes change.
In recent posts I’ve discussed each of these aspects, how an enchantress uses Glamourie and Honesty, a hint of what it means to be Fae, what beauty is and how this relates to Healing. Each of these is an aspect of enchantment, the magic of the Fae. Each one can be used in negative ways too, illusion and glamourie can be used to mislead, transformation is not always healing and Faery runs by its own, untamed laws.

As human beings who live within the world, with other human beings and dependent upon the land and those around us – however self-sufficient we can manage to become we still have to depend on good relations to allow us to stay in a specific space! – it is sensible to use these skills in positive ways, to work to heal and help ourselves and others, whether human or Fay. The majority of magic-workers understand this and the fact that everything is interconnected. The double-edged nature of enchantment – and all magic – means that we can protect and defend ourselves where necessary and the interconnected nature of all means that we will think carefully about what course of action to take. As a result I will be posting almost exclusively about the positive side of enchantment and trusting my readers to follow their own ethical codes.

An Enchantress is one who enchants.

As one who focusses on beauty, healing and joy, I am also a Devotee of Delight.

I am Enchantress and Devotee of Delight. When I remember these two things together I follow a healing, beautiful path.

Remembering – Faery light


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(Originally posted May 2009)

Standing on the land as the sun rises, beneath your feet you feel a ripple, a gentle pulsing of warmth, growing stronger.

You listen, feeling the vibrations, watching the world become lighter.

You find yourself reminded of a giant heartbeat…

A distant heart in the heart of the world…

Can you feel it?


A few days ago I was with a beautiful group of people and, on the last day we were together, we walked across the land before breakfast for one last ritual. Our intention was to connect with the light of Faeryland, and to learn a way in which we could carry this light into the world. Inspired by R. J. Stewart‘s Exercise, The Rising Light Below, I led us all in a trance together as the light of the land rose within us.

Before I share the vision, first, a little theory:

I’ve come across theories on Faeryland, I’ve heard it called the place where nothing changes, the place where every rose is the essence of a rose, rather than a rose itself. R. J. Stewart describes it as though it were a blueprint for our world, and one which we have ignored in the execution of our lives. Instead of working in harmony with the world, we have separated ourselves off and isolated our selves.

I, then, propose that Faeryland and our human world were once the same, whole, together, connected. Over time, we humans learnt ways of manipulating the world around us, ways which got us great power very quickly, and before we realised the damage this would do, we had taken our toys and run off with them, leading to a separation between the land of the Fey, the magical, primal energies of the land, and the world we inhabit wherein we see each thing as an individual, as separate, to be used.

Our world became soulless, because we stopped seeing its heart.

The Faery world drifted away, because we could no longer see life as an interconnected web of beauty in the way we once did. This ‘once upon a time’ may, possibly, have been merely mythological, but given that I know from experience that we are capable of seeing the world as ensouled, and that life is so much better, for me at least, when I do, I figure it matters little whether this was a mythological once upon a time, or a literal one.

Faeryland, then, is the archetype of the world, its heart.

We are disconnected from the heart of the world, and so we see the world as merely something to be used up.

Using up the world, as we are becoming increasingly more aware, leads to pain, suffering, illness, death. Certainly we have had many short term gains, but our livestyles are unsustainable.

Perhaps, I feel, if we are able to remember the heart of the world, to heal the separation between the human world and the Faery world, to reunite body and soul, we may see how to live our lives in a way which does not destroy our beautiful planet, or our spirits.

And yes, I am aware that I have Western privilages, including internet access, and the like. This is one reason I know I need to learn this too.

And so, to the vision…


Go outside.

Feel your feet upon the land.

Feel the heart of the earth, beating.

Feel your heart, beating in time with the earth’s heart.

Feel the heart beat glow, warm and bright, deep within the land.

Feel the light begin to rise, come closer, grow bright.

Feel it flow up and up, the light of Faery within the land, coming close to our world.

Closer and closer.

Until they kiss.

And in the kiss the light flows up into your body and around you, up through your feet, legs, torso, and into your head.

Hold it here, feel it fill you, feel yourself becoming more attuned to the light of Faery.

And then, let it flow gently back down into the earth, leaving a shard of light in your heart.

Just a piece of light, however much or little you can hold easily.

Now let this light grow and feel it throughout your body.

This light in your heart is connected with the light in the land.

Listen, sense, feel.

What do the Fey have to tell you?

What small job do they have for you to do to help heal the separation between the worlds?

Wait until you know, something concrete, simple, doable, practical, precise.

Wait, holding the feeling of the light within you until there is something you can agree to, commit to.

And send an answer to the Fey, the Faery Queen, tell them that you agree to the task they have set you.

Accept, and bid them farewell.

Now let the light dim down to a level you are able to hold comfortably today.

Each morning you can check this light and see if it is at the right level for you, in that day.

If it is too bright, let it dim, and if too dim, let a little light flow from the earth up into your heart to strengthen it.

If ever it feels like you should not be carrying the light at all, or if it is too much to keep it, then let it all flow back into the earth.

Remember your commitment.

Move out into the world carrying the light with you.

Bring the world of Faery and the human world back together.

And remember, you are not alone, all around the world, others are working to heal the separation between the worlds also.


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