Enchanted Empowerment

Enchanted Empowerment

Compass of the Heart

Here and Now

Building Your Compass to find your way…

This is an e-course for those seeking enchantment and empowerment simultaneously!

Do you wish you had more magic in your life?

Do you long for the sparkle of enchantment?

Are you seeking more clarity in where you are and where you wish to go?

Are you looking for your strengths?

Would you like help in finding your direction?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!


We are all capable of great wonder, of delight.

We are all capable of making our own choices, and choosing what is true to our hearts.

We are all capable of being both enchanted and empowered, and enchantingly empowered, and empoweringly enchanted!

And we are all different. The paths to enchantment, and to empowerment, are many. For me they are intimately connected, and both important to ourselves and to the world.

This is you invitation discover your own inner compass, to point yourself in the direction of your path. I’ll be helping you to find clarity on where you are and where you have the potential to be. We’ll cover a lot in the next few weeks, from methods of self-discovery to spells of enchantment.

We begin in the centre of our selves, we begin here and now, wondering what our motivations are and making some space for what we choose to invite into in our lives.

In this course we begin in the centre and lay the foundations for further work. Split into four sections – one for each week – in this month you come to an understanding of your motivations – and your dreams – you will explore what enchantment means and how to bring it into your life, how it feels to be empowered, and how your choices can bring this state closer to reality, and much more… there are things to make, questions to ponder, thoughts to be had, and wonder to be enchanted by!

Here and Now – the Centre of this enchanting course – includes:

  • A colourful and hand illustrated e-book containing the foundation of enchanted empowerment
  • A collection of 3 bonus things to make with photographs, instructions and ways to use them
  • An mp3 trance for each week to help you on your way
  • A selection of spare journal pages for you to print out and use
  • And membership to The Enchanted Grove – a forum of enchantment – for continuous support, encouragement and sharing with myself and other enchanted folk!

All of this for only £39.99!!!

All the course materials will be available for download as soon as you order the course, yours to keep, printout, and play with as you wish. It is designed to be worked through at your own pace, starting whenever you are ready… and we can support each other in the forum!

Be enchanted, claim your power, choose your life.

Flying Fish

Enchanted Empowerment – Here and Now – Buy Now!

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Here’s what people are saying about it!

“‘Halo has poured a huge amount of wisdom, insight and magic into these pages making this ecourse both inspirational and life affirming.  I have really enjoyed exploring my relationship with enchantment & empowerment with thought provoking questions and tasks.  I would recommend it to anyone wishing to deepen their connection with the magic within & create a powerful and enchanting life, while living their dream.” ~ Jaci

“Having been a lifelong lover of all things related to the Faery world, I was intrigued by Haloquin’s e-course, Enchanted Empowerment.  I’m so glad I signed up for it.

The e-course is a marvelous blend of magic and concrete action steps.  We all have dreams but sometimes we are not sure which direction to take.  Using this blend of enchantment and empowerment will help you decide which way to go.  The course is full of excellent activities, things to do and things to make.  Haloquin’s original artwork lights up the pages.

I look forward to coming back again and again to be reminded that I need a base of wonder in my life to keep it magical.  Perchance along the way, a faery I will meet!”
~ Loran Hills

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