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For last year’s theme I chose “Finishing Foundations”. This year? PLAYTIME. Specifically? I intend on ADVENTURING.

One thing I love to do is to have adventures. But the big, round-the-world-in-80-days type always feel a little out of reach.

So I try for little adventures. A weekend teaching in Madrid. An exhibition in Bristol. A day trip to see ancient Yews. In 2020 even these were a challenge.

But I realised part of what I love about adventuring is having new experiences, learning new things, and gathering cool stories.

I enjoy adventures in knowledge too.

So for 2021 I’m making space to play, and following my curiousity. To give myself a framework, I’m building my skills “portfolio” as a steampunk adventuress, because, well, why not?

I’ve got a list of things I think would be fun to learn, from Astronavigation (in case I get lost at sea) to the Waltz (I might be called on to infiltrate a masked ball! You never know!). I mean, wouldn’t it be fun to write a memoire full of adventure?

How would you get past a guard flamingo?!

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Tell me in the comments… What are you aiming for this year? Do you do new year themes or resolutions or…? And, importantly, how will you play in 2021?