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This is a beautifully crafted, evocative piece of art which both clearly explains the foundation of neo-pagan witchcraft and conjures up the feelings which embody it’s essence.

And, well, I’m in a documentary!!! For a couple of bits only, mind 🙂

Diary of a Sorceress follows the journey of a lady who goes on a pilgrimage, finds a community and is healed by magic. A true story.

Little of this information was new to me and I still found it fascinating and very well worth watching. You can watch the trailer and then choose to download or stream it by clicking on the image below. I may be biased but I truly do think this is a wonderful film and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Me in 'Diary of a Sorceress'

Click through for a beautiful evocative expression of the essence of neo-pagan witchcraft by a good friend of mine! (I don’t look this serious the whole time either!)

I love the way it flows, the imagery and how it clearly expresses the essence and mythological history of a path very dear to my heart. If this is a part of your life, a part of the life of someone you love or something you’ve been even a little interested in ever… go watch it 🙂

(PS: This is an affiliate link and I am in it, AND every word I say above is truly my opinion 🙂 )