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Isn’t it curious to think that today, solstice day, in our world, in our experience, the sun begins its journey into darkness again. The year turns and we up North begin to move towards wintertime… it feels like the sun is journeying, and yet, thats not true.

Watching the Sun

Stood on the earth, watching the sun.

The cycles of the Sun are not the Sun’s, they belong to the Earth.

Today the Earth stands still.

Or rather, she begins to turn her Northern face away from the Sun again.

And we praise the sun, for its light, its strength, its glory…

And the land holds its breath.

There is a pause, a moment, an expectancy.

Today all things change, and all things stay the same.

Love the sun while it is close, while we can see it, while we are blessed by it.

Feel the Earth, turning, as she always turns.

It feels like the Earth is standing still, waiting.

What is she waiting for?

What are you waiting for?