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This is the first of a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.

For something to enter your life, there must be space for it.

For enchantment to enter your life, you must make space to be enchanted.

So lets make space. Lets make our space enchanting. Lets provide a home in our hearts and our houses for the Fae to dance…

Even if all you can manage is a picture hanging on a wall, a postcard tucked in the corner of the bathroom mirror, a pendant, or a pocket-sized tin full of tiny pebbles and dried flowers, making an actual, physical place for enchantment tells your deep self, your subconscious, your child self, that this is something you want to give space to in your life.

Every time you see it, you will remember.

Every time you give attention to it, the emotions and energies it invokes will ripple out into your life. Psychologically it will remind you of your dreams of an enchanted life. Magically, like attracts like, so you encourage wonder by depicting wonder. And, in a very real way, you are offering hospitality to those that would help you reach the state of enchantment.

If you want more faery magic in your life, make space for it, and they will come…

Enchant yourself.


A small symbol is a place to start, a full-blown altar or faery garden is even more potent because the amount of time and energy you put into creating it echoes through your life. If you don’t know how to begin, think of images that evoke enchantment in you, track some down. Find sculptures, toys, images and objects that remind you of the fae. Choose gorgeous fabrics (ones that you like, gorgeous to you is the important bit!) to drape over a shelf, light candles in glass holders, burn incense that makes you think of wild places. Collect natural objects, leaves falling in the autumn, flowers gently picked, stones with patterns or holes… arrange these in a way that you enjoy! Coloured pebbles and sea-glass are lovely in pretty jars or a bowl, none of this has to be obvious to anyone else, its just between you and the Fae. Mirrors and sparkly things are good too… and you’d do well to leave an offering for the Fae if you can. Inviting guests in and then not offering a cuppa is often considered rude when dealing with other humans, and in the same way, the Fae appreciate offerings too. Cookies, cakes, fruit, chocolate, or poetry, stories and dedicated acts… generally speaking, its nice to share, and something biodegradable which can be left safely outside for them to enjoy is always good. We’ll talk more about offerings later, I expect!

Use what feels right, those things that enchant you are what will work best. Make a beautiful space for enchantment in your life and see what happens!

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