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Having been thinking up ways I might be able to grow my own food while living in rented accomodation (last summer’s experiment in growing food in pots communally failed due to no-one knowing whose responsibility anything was, and the plants all getting moved permanently into the shade when the sun was too strong, rather than somewhere they could have both sun and shade…) and after my successive happy failures to kill my potted roses, (Yay!) which I am assured are difficult to keep alive, I’ve started looking at growing food indoors. And then I found this post: a vertical indoor garden.
Nothing short of inspirational.

I’ve kept an old plastic aquarium (which used to house my two mice) and am collecting milk bottles (square, tall, free, these should fit neatly together in a rectangular space) to plant plants in. I figure that trying different plants means I’ve a better chance of having something survive.

Next payday, I go hunting seeds and soil!

One of my housemates also seems enthused about the idea of a wormery… I’m considering it. Good idea, but is it too much responsibility? Looking after all those hundreds of lives?!?! Making sure it all rots down without encouraging flies? Probably better than a regular bin for that I guess… And, of course, how shall I transport them at the end of my contract in a student house? Maybe better to wait till I know I’m not moving for a year before I start a project like that!

Photos of set-up to follow once its set-up… and I’ve a working camera!