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Finally I have done the last card for my creative obsession! Wow.

The journey so far is chronicled here.

And so, I present to you… Card 7: Storytellers

And the storytellers weave a web of stardust, taking us full circle through the story that these cards illustrate…

And we are storytellers.

Since I started these cards I’ve done quite a bit, so there is a real sense of something here. The DragonHeartedness of Sunrise Camp, (which was wonderful!) has carried into my life a little bit of determination, a little bit of willpower, and a little bit of courage… and I look over these cards and see, even over a few months, my skill has grown, as has my confidence.

These cards are part of many stories, the story of my life, the story of art, a story for the Fey, the story of magic… and now, also, your story.  I hope they were a happy paragraph… and perhaps, soon, there will be more like this… perhaps I will craft a chapter in these cards.

But Now I go to print them out so I can hold them in my hands and play!