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Inspired by this post on Collage Diva I am setting myself a goal.

Tomorrow is my final exam, and this week is full of very important things* so I plan to start next week.

In this case… next week, I will be finally getting round to making that deck of cards based on the Fey that has been playing in my mind for the past few years. It will be created using a story as guidance. This is part of my FeyHearted project, and the cards are intended to be beautiful, an act of devotion and oracular. I also intend to write around each topic the cards are about, leading to much musing!

Step 1. Re-write story.

Step 2. Sketch designs.

Step 3. Start drawing/painting/collaging and writing.

Step 4. Scan and Print each card onto ATC size.

Step 5. Put cards into sleeves and play!

Step 6. Celebrate!!!

And, to keep me on track, I plan to share the process, stage by stage, here.

This is a Challenge for me… will you join me in choosing a creative challenge for yourself? Let me know in a comment so we can do this together!

*Like a job interview, birthday parties, end of degree tea parties, actually spending some time with my neglected sweetheart, organising graduation and living over the summer… and so on.