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Welcome to my blog!

I hope you find something to inspire or enjoy. πŸ™‚

This will be growing, and over the next few days I intend to post about One World, One Heart, and include my giveaway, so please check back if you’d like to join in with a chance to win something (I haven’t decided what I’m making yet! Really must get to it…)

I have a couple of other blogs if you’re interested (see the box to the right of this post that says ‘My Other Places’.)


Today we have snow!!! This is a rare and precious thing for Britain. Unfortunately we’re not quite able to cope with it! Ah well, I’m enjoying it muchly and have some pictures which I’ll be uploading shortly for your delectation.

I also took the plunge and, after 7 years of insisting I can’t keep pot plants alive, I bought some potted flowers, a red rose bush, and a yellow rose bush (both less than a foot tall) so now I really feel like the dreams I’ve had the past couple of nights (where I’ve insisted to other dream characters that I have a rose garden) are coming true! And this makes me very happy.



*is easily amused* πŸ™‚