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Next month is Pride month, a time where the LGBTQIA+ community around the world raises the rainbow flag and reminds everyone that we’re here, and we’re not going anywhere. 

Most people that know me have seen me in apparently straight relationships, but that’s not the whole story. That’s not even half of it. So here’s a little reminder that even those of us who don’t look queer to you very much can be, and no, we don’t owe anyone an elaboration. 

What does this have to do with magic? 

As witches and magicians we engage in practices that run counter to the mainstream, and so in our hearts we have to hold firm to who and what we are. We need to know our own nature, desires, drives, and loves so we may move with them and toward our True Wills. 

“Know thyself” is only part of the equation: to claim your magic, stand tall in yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Like the Peacock God of Feri, know your own worth, your own value, your own beauty and let your glory make the heaven and earth answer to your Truth. 

Pride, in Feri witchcraft, is part of our birthright.

Pride, which is neither arrogance nor false humility, but an honest recognition of our place as part of the world…

“You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.…”

~Desiderata, Max Ehrmann

… And they too have that same right. Knowing that, accepting that both are true, is part of pride.

Many of us are queer, and it can take a little longer to stand strong in a culture where that is considered lesser, but: when we embrace that in ourselves and stand with Pride in our Truth, knowing ourselves to be no more or less important and worthy of thriving than any other being in this wonderful world, we align ourselves with magic. 

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Red rose with text: Crimson Coven
Or check out the Crimson Coven Collective project for self love and honouring of your embodied divine nature through art and ritual.

Writing and whirlwinds


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Spring arrived, and with it went my focus. It’s always an inspirational time of year for me, the rush of energy bringing so many new ideas, so much potential, that I find myself led astray by beautiful new possibilities… And some things get dropped in the whirlwind romance of life. Like consistency.

Once upon a time I’d have felt guilty for that.

Coming to honour my cycles is a really important step in not beating myself up, and I don’t think I’m alone there. Each of us has cycles and seasons, and for some of us the effects are more pronounced than for others… Have you noticed that? Have you noticed your energy and attention fluctuating with the moon, or the sun?

Even e when it gets dark there’s light. Like here; there’s a boat on the horizon, dramatically lighting its own way in the dusk.

I definitely go with the seasons, the kiss of the sun on the land… Each season feeding into the other, a circle that repeats every year.

And each year I know a little more, recognise it a little sooner, so the circles become spirals, the same shape but a little further ahead, building a little higher than last time.

At least, that’s my goal.

And so far it seems to be working. I’ve noticed myself wanting to chase all the gorgeous idea-bunnies and remembered to pull myself back to centre. Those inspirations are wonderful, and if I follow them all I’ll forget the garden one been tending.

Do you find this? Do you find you cycle through patterns each day, month, year? Do you tend to overdo it in the summer, like me? Or do you let it go and take a holiday when the sun shines?

This Spring I’ve been nurturing a few writing seedlings which are strengthening day by day. The Enchanted Academy (TEA) with my courses on magic is one, the Crimson Coven is another, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen today that I’ve just signed contracts for two new books!

I decided years ago that I wanted to write books and teach, and that’s the spiral staircase I’m climbing each year… Each revolution, a little further along the path of doing what I love, even when my energy waxes and wanes with the seasons.

Whatever the sun is doing, I keep my dream in mind. If you hold true to who you choose to be then, every season, every revolution, you’ll have spent a little longer doing what feeds your heart’s garden. Don’t let the down times make you forget that.

Oh and learning your cycles and patterns, recognising the flow of the world around you, and learning to work in tune with both, is part of the craft of the witch, too.

I have, however, accidentally let the purple sprouting broccoli in my actual garden blossom and go to seed (I think?) because I was writing. Oops. It’s still pretty though!

In an attempt to get better at this while “making a living writing” thing, may I just remind you that I have books for sale! You can find them in my new online bookshop, Quin’s Books, or at your local bookshop. Or, if you’d like, you can support me on Patreon and unlock bonus audio content and early access to magical writings…

TEA with Halo!


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Hey lovelies,

I wanted to invite you over for tea, but the world being as it is, that’s a bit tricky… so I made an academy for us to all hang out in instead. An Enchanted Academy… The Enchanted Academy, to be precise, or TEA for short.

This is where I’ll be hosting classes and hang out sessions – I’m hoping for a free live chat once every month or two – and you can use the text based forums whenever you fancy. To avoid too many trolls turning up I’ve set it up so you have to register for my mailing list to get an invite link but I do hope you’ll join me there!

I would really love to know what you’d be interested in chatting about, so do drop me a comment below if you’ve got a curiousity about anything magical which you’ve seen me mention, and I’ll see what I can do.

Next up I reckon I’ll do something on divination… with a focus on Tarot. How does that sound?

So, if you haven’t signed up already, here’s a button!

The launch party for All That Glitters was really lovely, thank you to everyone that came! I’ll be sending a link out to the recording via my mailing list soon… *grins* Next up on my writing pile… The sacredness of pleasure, and the divine erotic. Given how important embodiment is to the pagan path, and my kinky poetry book, Twisted out last year I think it’s time to engage with that Iron Pentacle point of Sex (including pleasure, desire, and lifeforce), don’t you?

Happy thoughts and Pixie dust to you all,


Equinox Blessings!


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Happy Equinox!

As spring is here I’m thinking about the allotment I’ll be working on this summer, and that reminded me of my indoor plants and of course the thought train then got all metaphorical…

ID: Roses, back-lit in a window, next to a barely recovering mint plant.

People tell me that indoor roses are fussy and mint is impossible to kill… But roses were the first plant I managed to keep alive for more than a season, and this is the first potted mint plant that has recovered from meeting me… And trust me, I’ve tried many times!

Perhaps those of us that are “fussy”, “difficult”, “sensitive”, or “too much” are simply in the wrong environment… And the apparently hardy ones are mostly just getting more of what *they* need? I’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating…

Plants are tenacious, and so are we. But we all need different things. Look for your magic, your relationship with the world, your rhythm and home, in the places that make sense to you. Don’t treat yourself like mint if you’re a rose, or rose if you’re a mint.

But remember, either way, to breathe, rest, bathe in the growing sunlight, and drink your water!

I’m learning to do better with mint, at least. And I’ll be repotting both (separately!) soon.

(Oh, and there’s a meditation up for my Patreons for the Equinox – Spring or Autumn – use whenever you need a moment of calm before a change.)

On Earth, and a Free Class


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I’ve been working a lot with Earth this past winter, getting into my body, experimenting with herbal medicine, grounding the magic. Focusing on the practical, manifest steps of the day by day, and the sensual nature of living as an embodied creature of the earth.

Physically embodying divine aspects of myself as Priestess.

Growing up I spent a long time in the realm of air, escaping into imaginary landscapes and worlds woven of words. I even studied philosophy, a subject known for residing firmly in the domain of the mind. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love words and the space in which air manifests, but coming back down to earth has its own pleasure and gifts… And I struggled with it!

Dance helped me with enjoying being in my body a lot, but working with the element of earth has been key to really getting into a healthy relationship with the physical realm. Each time I return to this work, I feel more at home in my body and in the land, and my material life improves. (Yes, by this I mean money, home, and physical health!)

Literally feeding your body is earth work…

I’m looking forward to starting the elemental magic course on 10th March, and I thought it’d be nice to share some pointerd with you lovelies before that kicks off, so 7:30pm (GMT/UTC) next Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, I’ll be hopping onto discord and hosting an introductory chat on the elements of magic and my relationship with them, including a guided meditation for you to tune into them and hints for getting started with them (or revitalising your practice!) Sign up to my mailing list for the invite!

Sign up to my email list below to get the invite to join the conversation. You’ll get access to a forum for chatting with other like minded souls too. And there are still spaces on my Elemental Magic course starting Wednesday 10th March if you’d like to join us for 10 weeks packed with practical magic!

Elemental Magic course includes weekly materials, Fortnightly chats, group support, theory & practice.

New Course: Elemental Magic!


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Note: Images in this post are decorative versions of extracts from the text, over a background image of golden light through a dark forest that forms a tunnel.

Periodically people tell me they’d love to learn magic, but they don’t know where to start so last month I wrote up a little introduction to the Elements of magic as many neopagans (and occultists) in the “Western World” view them. They are both foundational and ever present in my magical practice and yet, even after over two decades I still find my relationship with them evolves and deepens the more I return to them. So I’d love to share some of that with you.

Enter; Elemental Magic! A 10 Week Online Course – Cycle 2 starts 10th March 2021

10 Weeks of magical theory & practice, working with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit. Conjuring cash, increasing inspiration, flowing with intuition, and more. Learn and practice foundational skills for spell working, ritual crafting & deepening your practice by building on your understanding of the elements in yourself and the world.

Course Includes:

*Weekly materials via email

*Fortnightly chats online (video optional)

*Group discussion board so you can support each other

*Support from me to answer any questions you have (I’m told it’s 42)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn magic in an inclusive environment, from a witch with 20+ years of experience, now’s your chance.

To reiterate: this practice is inclusive and these practices are not limited by sex, gender, orientation, race, dis/ability… Any accessibility or other concerns? Ping me: I will do my best.

Course starts 10th March 2021

Fees are on a sliding scale, pick what you can afford from £69 – £99

A guideline: (skint-ish) £69 – (doing ok) £85 – (finances are good, actually) £99.

No proof required. I trust you to choose what is right for where you are now. If £69 is still too high for you, then please, absolutely, drop me an email. If I get enough people on the higher end of the scale I’ll be able to offer a couple of bursary places for this or a later course.

I want to be able to support you properly so places are limited to keep the class size small… email me if you’ve got questions and I’ll send details of how to reserve your space with a deposit.

Find all this written out in more detail here!

And if you’re not on my mailing list do hit the sign-up button below to join my mailing list for updates on new course dates, courses, and more.

Faery Magic; Why Work with the Fae?


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We often live our lives disconnected from our bodies and from the land. The fae folk are deeply embedded in the land and the living landscape and developing a relationship with them involves coming into a good relationship with the land on which we live and with nature as a whole. Simultaneously we realise that we are part of the natural world and we come back into better relationship with our own bodies and untamed selves.

We also have records of people;

  • Looking for faeries
  • gaining healing powers from them
  • seeking treasure
  • honouring their places
  • attempting to summon Faery Queens for power, support or wish granting
  • warding against their ill-will
  • leaving offerings

Among other practices. All of this shows that the fae have power and can help us in very practical ways, or can hinder us if we do not have a good relationship with them. This is mirrored in materialistic terms when we look at how a disrespectful attitude towards nature in general has led to a great deal of pollution and ill-health, and the loss of resources… i.e. wealth! 

Basically, a good relationship with the Fair Folk is a good relationship with the spirits who share the land that looks after us, and they can support us in our magical work if we look after them in return, just as the land supports us in our general lives if we treat it with respect. This, in turn, helps to heal us, them and the world around us.

Not all of them want to work with us, even of those that are generally of friendly natures. There are numerous stories where one sibling is kind and generous and is given gifts from the faeries they meet, and another is rude to the same beings and comes away much the worse for it. And there are tales of some, like the kelpies, who steal young people away to drown them. In the New Age model fairies are generally beings of light and always willing to grant wishes in return for offerings. In the folkloric traditions some of the fae are powerful allies, but that same power means that some are worth avoiding!

Approaching these beings with respect is thus the foundation of building a mutually supportive relationship and respect gives them a good sense of who and where you are.

A good first step is to reflect on your motivations, and to ask yourself; what can I offer them?

This is an extract from my online Folkloric Faery course, including both theory and plenty of practice. and there are currently spaces on the beta testing cycle available! Come join us!

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Over to you in the comments… why would you build a relationship with spirits such as the Fae?

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PS: You can also read more of my earlier thoughts on the magic of faery and how we can cultivate it in ourselves in my book Pagan Portals: Your Faery Magic published in 2015 by Moon Books.

Elemental Magic; Air


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Extract from my upcoming course, Elements of Magic… Cycle 2 Starts in March! Find out more and enroll here!

I am a firm believer that your breath is your most powerful and fundamental magical tool. You can breathe yourself into a trance – as you found last week and as centuries of specialized breathing techniques in paths such as yoga attest – breathing fuels and energizes your body, calms your mind and brings you towards health and you can use your breath to direct energy within yourself and out into the world in working magic.

Every morning and evening I use a simple breathing technique to bring myself back into my center and into connection with the earth below and the sky above. In reconnecting with these directions and powers I tap into more energy and open myself to receiving guidance. In bringing myself to center I bring myself firmly into my own power and awareness of who I am and where I’m at. I highly recommend doing this every morning for the next month and see how you feel! This is often described as “Grounding” but the variation here also includes connecting to the power of the stars so can help in increasing your energy levels as well as finding personal stability.

Stand if you can or sit comfortably if you’d prefer. Feel your weight in your feet, the earth beneath you. Take a moment to feel your body resting on the earth.

Take a slow, deep breath – not so much it feels forced but enough to fill your lungs completely.
As you do, imagine all the parts of yourself that are scattered around you, all your attention, your wandering thoughts, the pieces of yourself still left in bed, the energy you’ve left scattered from the previous day and night. Imagine and intend that they all are coming back to you, collecting in your belly and merging back into the light that you are, becoming clean and bright again.
You don’t need to imagine each individual part, simply intend for them to be collected with each breath.

Repeat this for 3 breaths – or more if you feel you need to – and really feel your self coming back to you.

On your next breath imagine yourself reaching down, sending down a root of energy into the earth. I like to bend down and touch the earth at this point. For the next 3 breaths or so imagine that root reaching deeper and stronger.

Through your next few breaths imagine the earth’s energy flowing up your root and into your body, filling you up from feet to crown and then, once you are feeling full, flowing up like a column of light to the stars. You can reach up with the energy if you like, stretching towards the heavens.

Allow the energy of the stars to pour down into your body, breathing it in to your center and mingling with the earth energy. Again, around three breaths is good here but take as many as you need. Placing your hands over your heart or belly can feel good while you do this.

Feel your connection to the earth beneath you and the sky above you and feel yourself firmly in the centre of your world.

Breathe this energy in and out, up from the earth and down from the sky, filling you, charging you, bringing you into the here and now. Feel yourself resting in your body, filled with energy that is accessible to you at any moment, with only a thought. Allow it to settle at a level that feels comfortable to you.

Whenever you feel distracted or scattered throughout the day, repeat this exercise. As you get used to it you’ll find you can do it much quicker, using just one in-breath to bring yourself to center, the out-breath to send down a root, the next in-breath draws the energy into you, breathe out and send the connection to the stars before breathing in the star-energy in to your core. And breathe into your center for a moment. You can also use this practice to raise energy for spellworking, to calm yourself when anxious, and to shift yourself into trance for divination. All that with just a few breaths!

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Over to you in the comments. How did that exercise feel?

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Faery Magic; What are Faeries?


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 TRUE THOMAS lay oer yond grassy bank,
 And he beheld a ladie gay,
 A ladie that was brisk and bold,
 Come riding oer the fernie brae.

 Her skirt was of the grass-green silk,
 Her mantel of the velvet fine,
 At ilka tett of her horse’s mane
 Hung fifty silver bells and nine. 

~ Extract from The Ballad of Thomas the Rhymer

The tale of True Thomas, or Thomas the Rhymer, is an old one from the wild borderlands of Scotland (in the North of the UK), though working with faeries and otherworldly spirits is certainly older. The earliest recorded version of Thomas’ story is recorded in a manuscript dating from around 1430-1440, and Thomas of Erceldoune, of whom the tale is written, lived two hundred years before that. The ballad which his story is most often told through nowadays was recorded in the early 1800s, and it keeps many of the key images from the earlier manuscript, demonstrating the strength of those images and their value as signposts to encounters with the fae.

“Thomas the Rhymer” is the story of how a bard gained the gift of prophecy from the Fair Folk, and it begins on the bank of a river, under a tree (most often hawthorn), where the Queen of Elfland comes across a sleeping Thomas. She takes him away, across vast rivers and past apple trees. He is taken into her service for seven years and warned to not speak a word whilst he is in Faeryland. At the end of his service to the Queen she gives him the gift of the tongue which cannot lie.

In these images we can find doorways to magical states and magical lands, guidance for developing a relationship with the fae folk and a structure through which we can build our own practices.

What are Faeries? Clues from the Queen

In all my time working with them I’ve come across a great many explanations for what they might be or how they may have come into being.

The description of the Queen in “Thomas Rhymer” as a beautiful lady in green silk, on a fine horse with bells in it’s mane gives us a few clues as to the nature of faeries. The green colour shows her role as part of the green world and the land, her horse shows her power and the bells ring with the music of faeryland. Beauty and music are signs of the way in which faery magic enchants us and conjures a sense of wonder – which encourages an openness to the world. It also reminds us that they are quite capable of showing us what we want to see in order to gain our trust. The specific location and Thomas historical status illustrate that the Fae are often connected to specific, real, places, even while they travel, and the river and the hawthorn tree are also notable as water is often a gateway to faeryland and the hawthorn is said to guard the entrance with it’s thorns, whilst the beauty of it’s blossoms open us to the sense of wonder required for travel between the worlds.

From both my experiences and the stories in which they feature I have come to the conclusion that the fae not simply one kind of being, but are a collection of related beings and powers, or spirits and energies, who embody (but are not limited to) the magic of the land and the natural world. They can be guardians of places, they are most often part of the green world or the water or stones, and they are very closely related to spirits of the dead. As spirits without bodies they are shapeshifters and so appear differently at different times, they are not limited as we are but they have a definite consciousness. They appear to me to have grown out of the earth and the land, much as we have. They make choices, have names and hold their own ethics and rules which differ from ours. 

The categories of “spirits” are impossible to define with any absolute authority, however, as the lines between spirit beings do not seem to be as clear-cut as we like to describe them. There are tales of how the fair folk were once fallen angels, or gods, and some may be becoming deities again… The spirits of the land are often considered of a different ilk, and yet they share commonalities, and our own ancestors can sometimes be found among the elves. Some traditions describe elemental spirits as faeries, and others use the term to indicate the spirits of plants. 

The common thread is that they are spirits; the magical, untamed, others who hold the magic and wisdom of the otherworld in ways which are reflected in their form. They are mutable and powerful, and, if we’re really lucky, they might just lend their power to our cause…

This is an extract from my online Folkloric Faery course, including both theory and plenty of practice. and there are currently spaces on the beta testing cycle available! Come join us!

You also can read more of my earlier thoughts on the magic of faery and how we can cultivate it in ourselves in my book Pagan Portals: Your Faery Magic published in 2015 by Moon Books.

"Your Faery Magic" Book cover

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Over to you in the comments. How would you describe faeries?

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A Poem; The Changeling Child


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One eye brown and one eye green,
cheekiest child that you’ve ever seen,
oak’s ancient knowing held deep in those dreams,
strange for a small one, not quite as he seems.
Do not be wary, do not take fright,
if you care for him always he’ll keep safe the night,
but if you would rather a meek child returned,
then fair’s our exchange, so you’ll lose what you’ve learned.

From my faery poetry collection due out later this year…

Originally posted on Patreon. Thank you to my Patrons for your support! If you like what I write then please do consider supporting me as a Patron here. Your support means I can write more for you! And you get the posts early… *tempts*

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Over to you in the comments.

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