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For glint of glitter in the air,
the flash of light that has no care,
for Tinkerbell and Barker’s Fae
I’d search and search both night and day.

Deep in hedges, high in trees,
thorn-scratched palms and muddied knees,
never once a-wavering
I knew I’d find my Faery Kin.
I knew that Oberon was near,
I knew Titania’s voice I’d hear,
I knew the whispers on the wind,
would delight and magic bring.
I held no thought of wishes three
nor gifts brought from the fae to me,
all I sought for hard and long,
was to learn that magic song,
just to feel enchantment’s grace,
and magic’s kiss upon this place,
I had no doubt that it was near,
and so I hunted with no fear.

Finally my wish was granted,
in my heart the knowledge planted,
underneath the old Yew-tree
their light arrived surrounding me.
I read them poems, sang them songs,
they took me to their realm ‘ere long,
and I learned to walk the ways
‘tween faery twilight and our days.

One word of warning I will share,
if you take magic in your care,
a changeling you will always be,
always betwixt and wandering.
Never home in either place
but blessed with sweetest faery grace,
one foot planted in each world,
whichever way they twist and turn…


Once they’ve caught you you are theirs,
and not all that glitters does play fair,
so if you choose enchantment’s grace,
know there’s a price that you must pay.
But even with that warning told,
I know what they knew of old,
the cost indeed it may be high,
but with their blessing you will fly.
And once you’ve been there you will find,
you could not leave that bliss behind…


Winter Solstice 2017

from the collection All That Glitters