It isn’t quite as dramatic as Life of Pi, but we’re just drying off from our own water related drama. The road wasn’t flooded last night, but as we left the family behind we came to a corner with water up to my knees and the car just stopped. Shuddered to a halt. Water poured in under the glove-box and panic rose with it.

Adrenaline. That tiger that sharpens your senses.

Or drives you to flap your hands!

Eventually a friend talked us down and we began pushing the car like a boat across a lake.

Necessity. The tiger that means unpleasant things get done.

Boots full of very cold water!

Some very kind strangers helped tow us the rest of the way out of the water and gave us a lift back to Mother’s.

So now we’re sitting with the Tiger of dread as we try to find a way home…

Thankfully we’ve got people we can call. There is support around and the warmth of Xmas Good Will. We will survive. A lesson in surrender at this point. Counting our blessings and staying positive, something good will come of this no doubt!

And my feet are finally dry!