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Back in July I ran a jewellery making workshop. In the summer month following it one of the ladies who came began making jewellery herself. Boxes of it!

This month she returned for a new workshop, using buttons…

Not only did her presence affirm that the previous workshop had been enjoyable – for which I am relieved! – she brought pictures of her new venture.

It seems such a little thing to share a skill you love but, for her, my sharing opened a door. She has been unable to work for months now and will likely not be able to go back to her job due to a long-term illness and yet she has found something that can give her pleasure and perhaps offer her a way to work for herself.

Something as simple as a button or a bead with a little knowledge and wire can be so empowering and I am honoured to have had the chance to help her to change her life.

Thank you, Universe, for giving me that opportunity. I hope that my offerings can empower more people in the future. Even if they don’t, that one success made all I’ve done with AWE worthwhile and proved to me that creativity is healing, empowering and important.

I also remember the lady who came, doubting she would make anything, with the echoes in her ears of derisive laughter from her work colleagues at the thought… she left with a beautiful necklace which she wore with pride. We have so much in us that we don’t know about and creativity can allow that to come out in ways that heal us.

I suppose the question is, how else can I offer my talents to the world in such a way that might help people? I thought I was just making money to get by but running these classes not only supported me, it empowered another… so, what if we all chose work that supported us and empowered those around us?

Another way of putting it; how can our work become an empowerment button?