The magic of theatre enchants and transforms us… through art we can see the magic abroad in the world as Art makes visible what is otherwise hidden from view!

What is more magical than an act which teaches you about yourself, transforms the way you relate to the world for the better and enchants those that witness it? This Solstice the culmination of months of work occurred… a performance of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” by a community of individuals.


We had folks with years of experience, others who had never been on stage before and then more like myself with some time treading the boards.


This community introduced me to the mask-maker who opened the doors to the studio-cauldron simmering me into a professional artist, new friends, deeper relationships and a kindred faery author-artist. It allowed my partner to take to the stage for the first time and we all saw him blossom under the lights!


It was an experience, not without its challenges. Any pressured environment can lead to fractured friendships and stressed relationships… and this made rehearsals slow-going. But it also gave us the opportunity to overcome the obstacles and work together to create something which had the audience entranced. They joined us for the ride and cheered us when we recovered from our mistakes! Folks left, delighted with having been able to understand a story they expected to be lost by, with smiles on their faces and a touch of magic in their hearts.


We all grew together, cast, crew and audience, enraptured by a tempest under a Summer Solstice Sun. Any act of art can be an act of magic. Transformational, celebrational, world-changing magic.




What magic did you work this Solstice?