This summer I have been a very busy lady!!! Things I have made recently include:

I have also been…

Upgrading to a PhD!!!

Completing a short Management Course with a Work Placement at Llanerchaeron (a beautiful georgian house with gardens)

Performing as the hostess in a murder mystery on stage

Making new friends 🙂

Building ‘A World Enchanted‘ – the next stage in the Feyhearted Project

Finding my singing voice again

Getting a new job – that is actually local to my home!!!

And getting really clear on my Work – while learning there is no rush…


Everything happens in its own time. I took a risk in July when I decided to leave my job and it paid off. Life is sweet and beautiful and becoming more enchanted everyday.

Survival is a strong driving urge in us… but what about thriving? What about loving your life? I waited until I was desperate to answer those questions, my journal from the first half of this year centers around trying to work out how to survive. I was asking the wrong question. I only found the answer when I asked; how can I be happy?

I weighed up the risk of failure against the certainty of misery and made a choice. I chose enchantment.

I’m very very glad I did.

So… What are you choosing?