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Originally posted on my Feyhearted blog…

This is the Fifth post in a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.

Every journey is better with company, and this path is no different. Of course, the option of company from at least two realms is less familiar to our culture, but I’m sure we’ll manage!

Who better than to guide our efforts in bringing together the faery and human realms than a Fae who is doing this themselves? Today I present a simple exercise to reach out to one who would help. The philosophy of faery, my ideas behind what they are and what their relationship is to us I will leave for another day, it is enough, for now, to be aware that there is more to this world than meets the eye. And, well, hooking up with someone who can guide you through the parts of their world and magic while you help them with ours can only help with bringing the realms closer.

So, to action!

Find somewhere quiet, safe, magical. It might be a quiet space outside, or it might be your Faery Altar. Your choice. Allow protection to enfold you, however you do this normally if you have a set way, or simply by imagining a sphere of light around you keeping you safe and asking for the blessing of the Faery Queen.

Relax and slow your breathing a little.

Count your breaths backwards, from 30 to 1, imagining each in-breath draws in light to feed you, and each out-breath releases tension. Allow yourself to relax.

Imagine you are surrounded by a green mist and you begin to float.

Float up and up, breathing softly, deeply, gently.

Hold the intention in your heart to meet a friendly fae, one who would like to team up with you on this journey of re-enchantment, one who chooses to be an ally.

Let your body and mind relax in the green mists of faery, and soon images and impressions will begin to come to you. Watch them, allowing the protection you called earlier to hold you safe. Watch them until one begins to solidify into an independent being, a fae who chooses to be an ally on this path.

Interact with them for a while, get a sense of who they are, and whether you are right for each other.

When you feel ready, bid them farewell and allow them to drift back into the mists… and feel yourself slowly floating down, back to earth, back to your self, your body.

Allow the protective sphere to dissipate if it feels right. Ground. Take notes. Eat something. Move around. Remember your new ally, they can help you navigate Faeryland, you can help them navigate the human realm. Together you can cross between worlds and bring enchantment closer…

You can repeat this as often as you like to meet them on other occasions, or, if no ally appeared at first, to seek again.  Get to know each other, treat them with respect, and don’t make any promises until you are very certain what you’re promising!

Simple, and effective.

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