Life has been busy, as usual!

I moved a month ago, and both me and the rabbit have settled in fine, albeit only for a few months until we find a more long-term place than my mum’s house.

I had thought the rabbit would be easier than a cat, but it turns out that, although she is easier to contain (one cage rather than needing a decent sized territory), she requires more looking after and can’t be left alone for more than about 12 hours. So I’m a little stuck in that I can’t really go anywhere for any length of time even when I’ve a few days off. As a result: missing my sweetheart.

It’ll be alright though, we’re only apart for a few months and then we’ll be finding somewhere together, possibly sharing with friends. We’ll see.

I’ve been learning to knit lace, finishing my FeyHearted book, working in a Travel Agents, continuing my studies, learning the keyboard, doing pen-ink-watercolour paintings for the book and to sell, joining a local Artist’s collective… and missing my friends.

I always wish I had a community, a group of people who live locally, or even a group of friends who all get on. I had that in Wales, but not here. It’d be nice to build something here, but I’m struggling to work out how!!! Hopefully something will come of the artist’s collective.

Yeah, really, life is currently rather solitary and quite productive. It’ll be interesting to see where I end up!

Whats that word… for a journey without a map? An exploration? A stepping-out without a destination?

Oh yeah, ‘adventure’.

Thats what this is I guess… an adventure!