Hello all,

I’ve been really quiet on here lately since getting a rabbit; between a funeral, starting rehearsals for a performance of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, the rabbit chewing holes in her shoulders (which are finally *touch wood* healing!) and my usual distractions of life, I’ve not been posting. The past 3 nights, however, I’ve been up at nearly dawn to relieve my sweetie on BunnyWatch, and I’ve been surprisingly productive in making a website 🙂

Otherwise, this past month I have: knitted my first pair of socks, finished my hoodie (sans hood, which I decided against), almost finished Hella’s Gate (an ‘oil’ painting), joined a beginners Spanish class, and written a shedload of notes on Heidegger’s lectures on Nietzsche for my Thesis. Pictures of the relevent pictorial aspects to follow! My roses are still going strong, and they are backdropped against snow, as they were that Imbolc last year when I acquired them!

I have also started another blog to go with my website…

You know, looking over what I get up to, its a lot!

Life is good, and its snowing again. Pretty.