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A map-based piece… from True-North Art‘s Map-prompt.

I began with a star-map, then added a Soulcollage card; ‘Gypsy’

Then came Alice, wondering about the door, and the words…

“If you aim for the moon, you’ll land amoung the stars.”

(Paraphrased from many places.)

and a snippet from Skinny White Chick‘s song Firebird’s Child, which I love, which makes me dance, which inspires!

I Present: Carnival

I love the stars, they’re so vast.

The world is so huge… sometimes we just need to be brave and leap.

I’ve just finished my 4 year degree course, and I’m feeling a little at sea. I’ve plans, but they’re big and scary because they require an extra step of effort, of being brave, of leaping into the unknown.

I love Alice in Wonderland, and the wonderland that is life.

I’m opening the door.

I’m risking the fire, because to burn brightly but briefly is better to not burn at all, and always wish you had. And, as SWC puts it in the song…

“You must not fear to blister if you’d live a life in flame!
Freely fly as what you are, keep dancing just the same!
You’ll never know a wonder like the wonders of the flame!
I am girl and firebird and Solace is my name!”

And an inspired moment of poetry:

Aim for the firey stars and the cheshire cat grin of the moon, for our lives are brief and we’ll burn out soon.

We’ve but one chance, and it’d best be bright, so dance, fly, burn! Light up the night!