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Valentines Sharpies

The first grew out of playing with lines and dots around the traditional shape of valentines day… Taking up my brand new mini sharpies of many colours I began with pink and swiftly drew a heart in the middle. Confronted now with a page that was no longer blank I could begin to play.

The pink lines of love flowed naturally round, followed by the clear blue. But something was missing. My hand hovered over the pens, trying to decide which colour would best complement the pink and blue. Finally it settled on the colour of joy, orange. Dots and triangles balanced the solid lines and I found myself filling the empty heart with spirals of colour formed of dots, reminding me that the edges of things are mutable and that love and joy and clarity can all flow within each other.

Finished with dots and lines I pulled a clean postcard and contemplated those things which I love as I, again, placed a heart on the centre of the page. This time it was red. Red like the setting sun… I smiled as I recalled the sun setting over the sea nearby and filled the white with the glow at the end of a beautiful day.

And so I created my first Sharpie artworks.

Happy Love-Days to you all

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