You find yourself wrapped in shadows, unable to move.

Transfixed, you are, by a beauty, slowly melting out of the distant darkness. The shadows clothe her, her hair sweeps the floor and is blood red, revealing and concealing her movements in turn.

You can see a glow in her belly, as though she is made of glass and has fire burning deep within. She stalks towards you, slow, inexhorable, hypnotic.

The fire rises through her chest and pours down, down her arms into her hands. The glow brightens and the flames lick out through her palms, forming a shape, becoming hard. Soon she grasps a double headed axe, and still she comes closer. Each sensuous step brings her closer.

She is close enough now that you feel the heat radiate from her skin and she stops, her nose an inch from yours.

“I cannot slay your demons,” she whispers with a sad smile, “But I can slay my own.”

She leans back, you still cannot move, and the axe begins to swing.