Workshop: Spirits of the Land

Workshop: Spirits of The Land, 30th April 2017, Carmarthen

This workshop is now closed… but I may offer it again in the future. Follow this blog for updates in the future! (Email me at haloquin (at) gmail (dot) com to let me know you’d like to come!)

Join us in the depths of West Wales for a day of magic.

Working with the spirits of the land and the stories of Pwyll, Arawn and Rhiannon we will delve deeply into working with the Spirits of the Land and developing our own practices for building and deepening our relationship with those spirits and powers.

This one-day event is in the tradition of Reclaiming Witchcraft in which we often honour the “Spirits of Place” or the “Spirits of the Land”, so in this workshop we will explore what this means and ways in which we can recognise and honour those spirits who graciously allow us to work our magic in their homes, and who support us as we do.


Little Foal

Rhiannon is known for her connection with horses, who often represent the power of the land.

In the first branch of The Mabinogian, Pwyll meets the Lord of the Otherworld, travels there, learns its ways and returns with a deep connection and friendship which benefits both worlds. Then, one of their ladies, the Goddess and Faery Queen Rhiannon, comes to live in our world and offer her wisdom and compassion to the people of her land. Through engaging with these stories and working directly with the spirits of the land in which those tales were born we will develop our skills for recognising and honouring the spirits in (almost) any place we find ourselves, building a foundation for future work with the spirits of the land and the faeries.

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Who is this for?

This will be a practical, intensive day of magic. Some experience is helpful, but an open mind and willingness to participate is essential. If you would love to honour the spirits of the land and the Fae, deepen your relationship with them, and gain skills for continuing your own journey with them, this is for you. If you love the Welsh tales and gods, this is for you. If you enjoy hands-on, magical experiences, this is for you.

This is not a lecture. This is not therapy. This is not spellwork. This IS experiential work focused on supporting you in developing your relationship with the spirits who have been here long before we have, in the way they present themselves to us now.

PLEASE NOTE: This course will be taught in English for various reasons. If you are willing and able to help translate during the class itself, or to translate course and promotional materials into Welsh please get in touch!

Booking! NOW CLOSED.

If you’d like to attend this course in the future, get on the waiting list by emailing Halo at haloquin (at) gmail (dot) com


Silly Dancing Halo


Halo Quin has worked with the Fae for longer than she can recall, and within Reclaiming for over a decade. She is the author of “Pagan Portals: Your Faery Magic” and “Pagan Portals: Gods and Goddesses of Wales“, and creator of The Goblin Circus. (Which means she loves faeries, adores telling stories and knows how to translate between the worlds!) It is her longest held belief that when we find our true selves and work in relationship with the spirits of the world around us we are better able to live our lives well and help those around us. When she isn’t getting excited about faeries she is enchanting through dance or thinking about enchantment through her Philosophy PhD, or making enchanted art. Halo has been thinking about this workshop for an awfully long time and finally got some fabulous friends on board to join her in making it a reality…

And… Please welcome Susan Moonroot to the circle!



Susan Moonroot lives in wild West Wales. She has been a witch as long as she can remember, and has been studying and working in the Reclaiming Tradition since she stumbled across it over 25 years ago. Susan is an initiate of the Reclaiming-Feri line, a writer, craftswoman and gardener who delights in teaching and creating ritual with her local community (and also further afield when she gets the chance!).

She is deeply interested in eco-magic, working with the Spirits of the Land, the Ancestors and Descendants, and grounding magic into our everyday lives. Susan passionately believes that we are co-creating the world around us from moment to moment and that our thoughts and choices and actions are more powerful than we dare to believe. Find Susan at:

Important Stuff

*Your place is reserved only on receipt of payment. If the event is cancelled all funds received will be refunded in full. Before March 1st, refunds will be subject to an admin fee to cover costs. Refunds will not be given on or after March 1st unless we can fill your place.*

You are responsible for your own well being. Please bear in mind that this is intense, magical work dealing with realities other than those we usually operate within – if you are aware that this might be a problem for you please get in touch and let us know before booking.

To provide a safe space and support this work, this is a strictly drug and alcohol free space. Please do not consume these kinds of substances before or during the event. If anyone is discovered to be intoxicated they will be asked to leave. Non-intoxicant prescription medication is, of course, part of your self-care and thus not included in this.

This is not an event for children. There is an age limit of 18 +, 16-17 year olds are welcome with a parent or guardian but cannot be left unaccompanied as we do not have the facilities or staff to care for minors.

Disabled individuals are welcome. Please get in touch if you’d like to join us and need us to provide information, support or so on. If you need to bring someone for support due to a disability, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a carers place.

Questions? Need help? Have I forgotten something? Want an online version of this? Fancy inviting us to put this workshop on in your home town? Comment below or email Halo!