The Goblin Circus

(After several years of Ringleading at the one-woman-many-goblin show that is the Goblin Circus, I am taking a break from the big top. This page gives you a glimpse into the beauty of the project. And you never know… perhaps it will return… You can visit an archive of the original site on the wayback machine here.)


Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the infamous Goblin Circus!

The Big Top

“The evenings events a fine way to round the day off,  (starting with) The Goblin Circus with Halo Quin’s fabulous story telling, the audience sat totally transfixed to the stage and her story telling…”

Annemarie Fairbairn


We are faeries, goblins, humans, elves and shapeshifters, misfits and trouble makers, darling and daring, and just a little bit weird. We are monsters and dreamers and we’ve made a home in this circus that aims to always inspire and entertain!

What is a Goblin Circus, you ask? I have rambled about that here and there, but here is a definition for your perusal:

Goblin Circus ( GOB-lin SUR-kuh s)


  1.  A tribe of performing goblins and their fantastical friends
  2. A series of theatrical storytelling shows by the changeling Halo Quin
  3. A walkabout performance by the ‘Goblin Circus’ crew
  4. A multimedia, multiplatform world-building artwork with stories, illustrations, performances, workshops and more, online, offline and colouring over the line…

On February 7th 2015 The Goblin Circus débuted at a conference held in honour of the Celtic Goddess of inspiration, healing and fire, The Spirit of Brighid Conference in Penarth, Cardiff. It was described variously as:




“Epic, indeed.”

Unfortunately the Goblins decided that they were camera shy and – after the backstage photo above – hid all knowledge of Halo’s camera from her, and disappeared all photographic evidence into the ether! Even though we definitely saw some cameras flash…

Rather than give up on sharing the magic with you however, my dears, we have recorded half of the stories from the Goblin Circus’ opening night! SO! Sit back and relax as the Big Top comes to you…

Join the conversation on the Goblin Circus’ Facebook official page.

And, if you’d like to read Halo’s description of the Spirit of Brighid conference at which we launched our circus as a circus, click here!

Finally: Many Goblin Blessings on the Cauldron Born… we felt loved and hope you do too. xx

This is the Goblin Circus, and we’re here to play…

 Our Manifesto:

We are the goblin misfits,
By adoption or by birth,
We create our destiny,
As we play around the Earth.
Each has a story, each has worth,
Who choose this circus tribe.
To inspire and to entertain
We wear our weird with pride!

Expect the Unexpected – Practicalities

If we turn up at an event we might put on a storytelling show (with the Ringleader Halo transporting the audience to the circus through voice alone) or we might turn up together and run amok through the event, interacting with anyone who wants to play. Or we can do both. Let us know what you’d like.

If you visit us online you’ll find art and stories set in the Goblin Circus and about its denizens… and you are invited to comment and tell your own stories about the Goblin Circus too. (On the understanding that anything you share here may be developed further by the Goblins and shared elsewhere, so leave a good contact email if you want to be kept in the loop, we like to give credit!)

We’re in the process of creating two tents, The Family Friendly Seelie  tent, and the adults only Unseelie tent, and sideshows spun off by inspired individuals are already in the works. This tribe is creative and unbounded!

Meet The Ringleader:

This is me. AKA Haloquin AKA Halo. AKA The Ringleader. AKA the goblin-fae circus tribe’s ghost writer. They tend to call me “Hey Ooooh!” Because of the noise I make when distracted by shiny things.

My tale? The short version? I  went looking for faeries every day as a child… in the end they sent me to their favourite circus and the Goblin Tribe took me in. They were quite insistent that I be their emissary to the land above the hills (that’s our world) which means they’ve set me to telling tales, painting posters and comics telling of their adventures, and sculpting bodies for them to inhabit when they visit here… as well as managing their web-circus right here. It might be my name in the address bar, but they’re in charge.

You can meet more of the characters that populate the circus as their stories are written in: Meet the Tribe! And you can peruse frequently asked questions here!


You can find me on twitter (I’m @Haloquin and we use the hashtag #GoblinCircus), on Facebook.