FeyHearted Path

The FeyHearted Path

I invite you to join me on a journey into the heart of the world.

This is a space to Play, to discover our hearts, to discover the heart of Faery.

Herein you will find stories, pictures and philosophising about The Fae, Faeryland, and our hearts as humans.

I’m not going to pretend that I believe the Fae to be all fluffy and light, but I will tell you that I believe they, as beings or as a concept, hold the key to unlocking the place we hold deep within ourselves, where our true desires, our magic, lives.

This is my path of the Heart, of Beauty and Play and of coming Alive.

Will you join me?

Are you willing to walk this path in any weather, with honesty and integrity and a desire to know yourself?

Then come, hear the music, follow the path.

The Path of the Faery Heart.


The Feyhearted Path is a big project that I’m playing with which has manifested as a blog , two books, an Oracle Deck and various pieces of art and other creations. Here I’ve collected together a couple of pieces of art, a trance and the Feyhearted Manifesto for you to peruse.

Feyhearted Manifesto

Feyhearted Art

Book 1: The Faery Heart

Book 2: Pixie Kisses

Feyhearted Archives

Faery Blogposts

A sneak peak at the Feyhearted Oracle Deck

Trance: Opening to Faery Vision