Enrolment Page!

To Enrol on Elements of Magic:

Course details are here 🙂

Choose what you can honestly afford:
If you are comfortable: £85.00 GBP
If you are low or unwaged: £69.00 GBP
If you are happy and able to give more: £99.00 GBP


Payment FAQ

Why are there several options for what to pay on some courses?

Money is energy, and different people have different amounts. An exchange of energy occurs during this payment, and This means I can’t tell you how much these courses are really worth. For one student £69 might be a lot, for another £99 is nothing. I ask that you look at what is appropriate for you, what you can afford and what feels like a valuable choice. I trust you to be respectful and to give what feels like a fair exchange to you, and to honour where you are financially and energetically right now. This is a common practice in the tradition of Reclaiming, which I often teach in.

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