Magical Retreat: Courting Divine Love

Re-light your self love through connecting with Divine Love.

Sunday, 19th March 2023, 6-9pm GMT (UK time)

It is said that Spirit was “Divided for the sake of Union” and so is ever seeking to reconnect in love.

When we remember who we are, when we come to rest in love, life becomes magical once more.

A magical experience exploring the foundational magic of the Crimson Craft (Book available here.)

The magic of divine love flows through all of life, it is life, and yet we can still feel disconnected from it, adrift, alone, lost.

And we don’t have to.

Join me in this magical retreat where you will:

(re)Connect with Divine Love,

find that love and trust in yourself,

and manifest the magical life your heart truly desires.

Invitation to the Courting Divine Love Retreat:

You were made for pleasure, for play, for love.

I know it feels like there’s so much going on it’s hard to catch your breath, let alone have a loving, mystical experience that brings you back to your whole self, and nourishes your spirit, filling your creative well.

But you can. Rest your eyes now. Just breathe a moment.

Each of us is both spirit and flesh, animal and divine. There is no division, we’ve just forgotten that we are whole. When we soothe our nerves, breathe into love, and rest in the pleasure of eros, we find our way home.

You can come home to yourself. 

You’ve arrived here because you’re ready to allow yourself to have the magical life you desire, a life of pleasure, play, and love. To unblock your creative channels. To reclaim your power in your own life.

To remember who you are: not just working your way through the challenges of the world, but also a being of love, of pleasure, of play.

When we remember the whole of our being, when we embrace our nature as Spirit made manifest, then we open up more ease, more creativity, more time for what we enjoy, with the love and support of the gods.

Imagine what you could do with a love like that? (I know what I’ve done, and it continues to get even better the deeper I dive! With 8 books published, a summer full of magical events and adventures ahead, a home by the sea, a loving relationship, time to breathe and dream and play… the more I embrace my magical nature, the more love and pleasure flows.)

I invite you to not just imagine, not just to dream, but to choose to give yourself the time and space to make your heart’s dream come true.

What are you dreaming of?

Combining 25+ years of experience as a magical practitioner, teacher, and ritualist I will help you uncover exactly what is possible, right now. 

What will you conjure in the world?

I will share with you the magical tools to make your possibilities reality.

What will love like this feel like?

And Divine Love will be our guide.


In this 3 hour, online retreat I will guide you in connecting to divine love, expanding your capacity to receive love, and tuning into your own magical power. 

This will be an interactive space, where you can ask questions, so I definitely recommend attending live, though there will be a recording available for those that register. Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate, safe, and supportive space.

The event will include:

~ a three hour live call (with breaks!) to support you in diving deep.

~ a workbook to guide your explorations during the event and afterwards.

~ an opportunity to check in a week or two later to support you in integrating the tools and healing into your life, and answer any questions that have arisen.

~ a recording of the call for those that register

Are you ready to say yes to pleasure, to play, to divine love?

I will share with you some of my favourite tools and techniques for accessing divine love whenever you choose, for bringing magic into your every day life, and for remembering to use them when you need them most.

I recommend setting aside an hour or two after our call, or later in the week, to journal, reflect, and to integrate the powerful healing energies that you will connect with.

You’ve come so far already, let your next step be this gift to yourself.

Are you ready to say yes to something wonderful?

In March we will circle just before the Equinox, as the light and dark balances, to take a moment to lay the foundation of what we want to create in our lives. This is an opportunity to rest, reflect, and reorientate yourself towards love. You will leave with a deeper connection to the divine love that permeates everything, and tools to manifest more ease, pleasure, play, creativity, and magic in your life.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself?

In the future these will run at £150 

but for the first one I’m offering this experience at £79

on 19th March, 6-9pm GMT

Will you join me for the first Courting Divine Love retreat?

Courting Divine Love retreat button

About red witchcraft…

Within the practice of red witchcraft, poetically named “crimson craft”, we work as embodied sensual spirits, in relationship with the divine beings that mediate the divine forces of love, passion, and desire, towards bringing more love, more beauty, and more pleasure into our lives and the world. In doing this, we heal ourselves… and have fun doing so.

If you’re not quite ready to take the dive, you are still welcome to join the Crimson Coven Collective to begin this work, and I offer a free ritual you can do at home here: