Workshops and Rituals

Magical Past Events

  • Faery Heart Workshop, Lampeter, 27th November 2010 – Discover your true nature under the guidance of the Faery Queen. Using meditation, creativity and play we will explore our hearts as they are before we are weighed down by the roles we have to fill in life, in order to live more in tune with what makes us happy.
  • Iron Pentacle Workshop with Raven Edgewalker, Glastonbury, 4th-6th February 2011 – The Iron Pentacle is a tool used in Reclaiming and Feri for self-discovery and self-integration, working through the points on the pentacle labelled Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion. More details can be found here.
  • Imbolc Ritual in Glastonbury, 4th February 2011 – A Reclaiming style Imbolc ritual fascilitated by members of the Reclaiming community, including myself.
  • Pixie Kisses, Now a Book! – Over at the Faery Hearted Blog I had an ongoing series of posts on re-enchanting the world, one pixie kiss at a time. Buy the collection here.
  • Beltane Ritual 2011, in Lampeter – a ritual connecting to the Lord and Lady of the Green, opening to their help in clearing the paths to our dreams and stepping forward…
  • Dragonrise 2011 near Bangor, 4th – 7th August 2011 – A family friendly Reclaiming Witchcamp. I student taught a Path on Self-discovery with Suus Obdier, and running the rituals as part of the teaching team. Check out the website here.
  • International  Reclaiming Camp, Spain, 2012
  • International Camp, Spain, 2013
  • Dragonrise 2013, Wildways on the Borle
  • International Camp, Spain, 2014
  • Earth Healing Day, Peace Mala HQ in Swansea, July 2014