The Enchanted Academy

The Enchanted Academy

Or T.E.A. for short, because tea is magic.

An academy and forum for learning magic. Specifically witchcraft. Sign up to my mailing list for the launch day announcement and to hear about upcoming courses!

Class Topics Include :
  • Elemental Magic
  • Faeries and Folklore
  • Witchcraft 101
  • Ritual Skills
  • Myths and Legends
  • The Magic of Pleasure
  • … and more!

Classes at TEA ~ Now Open

Join us now for these courses and upcoming classes!

Home Study Courses:
  • Folkloric Faery Magic – start whenever you like, only 4 spaces left on the beta round with extra support!

Classes at TEA ~ Waitlists

These courses are currently closed but you can contact me to join the waiting list for the next round!

Email me: for:

Join The Enchanted Academy Discord

In the meantime you’re more than welcome to come and hang out at The Enchanted Academy on Discord and join the free live sessions that happen periodically. This spring we had a free introduction to the elements of magic, and an introduction to faery magic as part of my latest book (All That Glitters) launch party!

(Please note: participation in the Discord Server is not necessary for joining the courses, it is entirely optional. To join the forum you will need a free Discord account. When you arrive at the Academy, pop over to “about-tea” using the link on the left of the screen, and read and agree to the rules post to gain access to the rest of the rooms in the academy! If you get stuck, just message or type @bosswitch there and I’ll come help you out asap!)

Previous Workshops & Classes with Halo have included: 

A free Online Class: Introduction to the Elements of Magic, Spring 2021

Star Club: Cycle 1, 8 classes with Sefriel Salem, 2019 – 2020 Bristol

Weekend Workshop: Faery Queen as Goddess, Autumn 2017, Glastonbury

Workshop: Spirits of the Land, with Susan Moonroot, Summer 2016 and Spring 2017, Carmarthen

Weekend Workshop: The Iron Pentacle, with Raven Edgewalker, Imbolc 2015, Glastonbury

Online Course: Elements of Magic, Spring-Summer 2013

Weekend Course: Dragon Magic at Dragonrise Camp, with Suus, Summer 2010

Weekend Course: Alchemy of Self at Sunrise Camp, with Chelidon, Summer 2009

Workshop: Introduction to Faery Magic, Winter 2008, Lampeter

Workshop: Introduction to Divination, Winter 2007, Lampeter

Workshop: Modern Mythology, with Peter Kebbel, Autumn 2006, Lampeter

Workshop: Magic with Buffy, (with friends), Summer 2004 & 2005, Glastonbury

About Halo:

Halo Quin has worked with the Fae for longer than she can recall, and within Reclaiming for over a decade. She is the author of several titles including “Pagan Portals: Your Faery Magic” and “Pagan Portals: Gods and Goddesses of Wales“, and creator of storytelling show The Goblin Circus. (Which means she loves faeries, adores telling stories and knows how to translate between the worlds!). It is her longest held belief that when we find our true selves and work in relationship with the spirits of the world around us we are better able to live our lives well and help those around us. When she isn’t getting excited about faeries she is enchanting through dance or thinking about enchantment through her Philosophy PhD, or making enchanted art.

“I’ve spent my entire life pixie led, the old gods came knocking when I was still a child, and I have been explicitly devoted to the Faery Queen for over a decade, with over two decades of faery relations, magical work, and training under my belt. I’ve taught classes on working with the elements, the spirits of the land, stories old and new and many others, and my favourite classes are always those working with the Fae. It is my honour to share this work with you.”