Halo Quin

Meet Halo. Author, storyteller, witch.

Halo Quin is a bard. A changeling bard, to be precise. She is a storyteller with a love of myths, legends, and folktales. An author of pagan and poetry books. And a practicing faery witch and magician with 25+ years experience in working magic.



As a storyteller, Halo has told tales across Britain, worked in living history as an iron age bard, created a delightful “one-woman-many-goblin” show; The Goblin Circus, and has run local storytelling circles for her home county of Ceredigion. She specialises in myths, legends, and fairytales, and is often seen wandering an event with dragon or gryphon in tow.

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Halo in red coat and snowy landscape, writing in a leatherbound journal, grinning at the camera

As an author and writer, Halo offers a glimpse into the magic of the world. Her lifelong passion is faeries, so they are often found nearby, whether in poetry or prose. She has her PhD in philosophy of storytelling, so is no stranger to academia, but believes in the importance of accessibility in writing.

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As a witch Halo has been pixie-led for quarter of a century or more, studying and training in several traditions including OBOD, Reclaiming, and Feri, as well as ceremonial magic and traditional witchcraft. She brings her philosophical mind and practical experience to offer training and resources at The Enchanted Academy (or T.E.A. for short) and Star Club.

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