Big Goals!

My inifinitely updatable list of things I would love to do, see or achieve this lifetime!

I’m writing this list to clarify what I choose to do, rather than what I think I should want to do… and posting it here so I’m accountable. Now I’ve said I want to, I actually have to take steps to do them 🙂 I’m also hoping you’ll celebrate with me… what are your big goals? The things you really, truly want to do?

Publish a book! DONE! Twice! Yay! Now to publish the rest of the library in my head 🙂

Have something philosophical published somewhere official Woohoo! I have A piece on Heidegger due to be published in November 2014 in Girls and Philosophy and another piece in an anthology on somaesthetics.

Make money doing what I love When I wrote this I was thinking it’d be a full-time job painting or similar, but technically I’ve succeeded in this one as just this past year (2013-2014) I’ve been paid to tell stories in Iron Age gear, I’ve sold several paintings this year and I got some paid teaching work too!

Sing on stage… when I’m ready This one terrified me but I did it once! Then again and again! I’ve sung to an audience with friends, then solo twice, then in a choir again. Think I can definitely cross this one off 🙂 (2012-2013)

Build up my core strength so I can hike through forested mountains without pain Got it! Belly Dancing has proven to be the key to this, which I began spring 2013. (And I love it!)

Deepen my relationship with the Fae This is such a vague goal but I’m pretty sure I can say I’ve definitely done this. Next up, more deepening!

Travel to three Countries in 2014 Spain, Hungary and Holland!

Goals still to achieve:

Visit my friends and family in America (again)

Attend Pantheacon

Go on a creative/artistic retreat

Host a magical, creative Circle

Update FeyHearted Books and find an external publisher for them


UPDATE August 2014: Looking back over these I’ve managed a lot of these goals, though the vagueness of the wording makes me wonder – if I’d made them more specific, with more details, would I have reached them quicker? They’d certainly feel more justifiable to tick off! So, note to self; make goals more specific please! In that vein, what new goals do I want to add to this list (as I’ve just turned 29 it seems like a fun plan to set some targets before I turn that magical age of 30.)

Goals before I turn 30:

Publish 3 pieces of philosophical writing

Finish the bulk of my PhD

Visit 3 new places (preferably abroad)

Exhibit artworks twice

Perform twice in public – storytelling, singing or something else!

Share my Fae work somehow – perhaps in a devotional book, a workshop or a talk?

Create a second Oracle Deck – Healing Hearts

Learn to play the guitar

They sound like a stretch, but an achievable one, see you back here next August to see how these went and how they changed! What are your goals this year?


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