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Note: Images in this post are decorative versions of extracts from the text, over a background image of golden light through a dark forest that forms a tunnel.

Periodically people tell me they’d love to learn magic, but they don’t know where to start so last month I wrote up a little introduction to the Elements of magic as many neopagans (and occultists) in the “Western World” view them. They are both foundational and ever present in my magical practice and yet, even after over two decades I still find my relationship with them evolves and deepens the more I return to them. So I’d love to share some of that with you.

Enter; Elemental Magic! A 10 Week Online Course – Cycle 2 starts 10th March 2021

10 Weeks of magical theory & practice, working with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit. Conjuring cash, increasing inspiration, flowing with intuition, and more. Learn and practice foundational skills for spell working, ritual crafting & deepening your practice by building on your understanding of the elements in yourself and the world.

Course Includes:

*Weekly materials via email

*Fortnightly chats online (video optional)

*Group discussion board so you can support each other

*Support from me to answer any questions you have (I’m told it’s 42)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn magic in an inclusive environment, from a witch with 20+ years of experience, now’s your chance.

To reiterate: this practice is inclusive and these practices are not limited by sex, gender, orientation, race, dis/ability… Any accessibility or other concerns? Ping me: Haloquin@gmail.com. I will do my best.

Course starts 10th March 2021

Fees are on a sliding scale, pick what you can afford from £69 – £99

A guideline: (skint-ish) £69 – (doing ok) £85 – (finances are good, actually) £99.

No proof required. I trust you to choose what is right for where you are now. If £69 is still too high for you, then please, absolutely, drop me an email. If I get enough people on the higher end of the scale I’ll be able to offer a couple of bursary places for this or a later course.

I want to be able to support you properly so places are limited to keep the class size small… email me if you’ve got questions and I’ll send details of how to reserve your space with a deposit.
Email: Haloquin@gmail.com

Find all this written out in more detail here!

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