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Elements of Magic – Class

Join me in a 10 week adventure in the realms of the magical elements!

(And help make my dream of becoming Dr. Halo come true!)

The elements are the foundation of the magic of many Western traditions and our relationship with them guides our path, our magic and our very lives. At every stage in our magical practice we can deepen our relationship with them, uncover new understanding and discover more about ourselves and the world. This course is offered in the Reclaiming tradition and will help you to build or strengthen these foundational relationships with the elements.

If you are just beginning on a magical path, this course will give you the fertile soil to grow a beautiful garden of magical understanding.

If you have been practising magic for many years, this adventure will help you to deepen your relationship and understanding and give you the chance to explore deeply the meaning and practice of working with the elements.

Whatever level you are at, this course is for you.

I will give you the skills and understanding to be able to follow most rituals you might find yourself in, and to perform your own with confidence. We will explore together the implications of what we do and why we do it, deepening our understanding of all the aspects of ritual and magical practice. You will finish this course with a stronger foundation, more confidence and the tools to go further in magic.

Over 10 weeks Elements of Magic will include:

  • Weekly tasks and writings on each of the elements and their tools
  • Meditations and guided journeys to take you deeper into relationship with the elements
  • A group space for online discussion, support and sharing
  • Email contact with myself to guide you on this adventure
  • Explorations of the theory of the elements
  • Practical exercises to ground you in the elements and your own power
  • The option of a Skype call to connect more personally as a group

When you have finished the course you will:

  • Have a strong foundation with each of the elements on which to build a deeper relationship to magic
  • Have learnt or deepened your ritual skills, and your understanding of their implications and applications
  • Have learnt and practiced the basics of crafting your own spells
  • Have deepened your magical practice
  • Have developed a clearer understanding of yourself
  • Have gained skills to help you improve your life in tangible ways

You will also have all the materials sent out to you to use as reference in the future and you will have helped me to fund my PhD in the philosophy of enchantment in art, for which I will be incredibly grateful! (And will happily send you a copy of my thesis when it is finished if you would like to read it.)

In the tradition of Reclaiming I am offering this training on a sliding scale, where you choose what you are able to pay at this time.  If you really cannot afford the lowest end of the scale, please contact me as soon as possible and we can discuss concessions.

Before April 1st: £50 – £100

After April 1st: £75 – £125

Course Starts: May 1st!!!

Email me now at Haloquin (at) gmail (dot) com !