When you begin the patterns of your heart become clear…

A Queen must hold her power firmly

Must choose the course of her realm

Her realm is her self is her life.

A Queen must be responsible for her choices

Must take each action knowing it is hers

Her self the cause the consequence.

A Queen must strive for wisdom in all things

Must learn to rule her life with understanding

Her life the lesson the power.


It has been a strange month. A strange year, if truth be told. For years the title ‘Queen’ has been proffered to me but only now does it feel like I might be fit to take it on. Not Queen of anyone else, purely Queen of my own life, my own path. For so much of my life I have looked for others to walk the path I travel beside me. I’ve made friends, I’ve learnt a great deal and yet I still I often found myself waiting alone for others to travel with me.

The Faery-hearted path has been the exception.

I found my feet and, while still wishing for others to join me, I couldn’t wait.

Stumbling, sometimes losing my focus, sometimes dancing in the starlit mists, I’ve discovered that my primary path is solitary, but not lonely. A path of faeries, healing, creativity and pondering life. 

Queenship means to rule over one’s life. To take responsibility for the shape of your own world. To act on your dreams and protect your boundaries. Those that fall under your domain are yours to protect while they reside within it but each person is capable of ruling over their own life and should be encouraged to do so! In an ideal world, we are each sovereign in our own lives. Until everyone recognises that they are ruler of their own life and responsible for their actions – and how that affects neighbouring realms – this will be a rarer role than it should be.

This month I declared myself legally a self-employed artist. My art-making is directed by the magic that I follow and so each act of art is an act of faery magic… an enchantment. I’ve made painting a priority and have begun to find places where I can sell my artwork in the physical world, sharing it with a wider audience. I’ve shifted gears again, taking myself a step closer to my dream life. And opportunities have followed… opportunities for collaboration, for teaching and for connecting. Inspiration fills my days and other parts of my life have shifted too. Health problems are coming to the fore and demanding attention. This is good since it means a time of healing is here. In order to rule my life I must be healthy… and so I take a firm step towards sovereignty. I learn what it means to me to be Queen.

I wonder: What would it mean to you to be sovereign in your life?